The Klinik (published by Damnation Books, 2012)

Third solo novel

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Pay your damn bill.

A young couple is expecting their first child. Battling mounting hospital bills and a broken healthcare system, they find themselves ensnared by a newly opened medical clinic, where the doctors are mad and the bill collectors are deviously inventive. As their bill mounts, they are sucked into an ancient conspiracy that will put their lives in grave danger. If you visit the Demetrius Klinik, you best PAY YOUR DAMN BILL.

THE BEAST IS LOOSE! A Beast In Spring (published by Graveside Tales, 2012)
Second solo novel

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Two men. Eighteen kidnapped babies. An isolated cabin. A judgmental, lurking demigod. A deadly competition of human will power and Darwinian survival.

As Jonah and his brother raise this pack of young boys, they drive their strange religion into their minds-- building a cult that will tear itself to shreds before their journey is over.  Each year, one child is sacrificed to the Beast so that their crops will grow. Jonah's madness heightens as his brood dwindles and they learn an equally vicious approach to this cruel livelihood. Only one can survive.

GUT HER Please Don't Go (published by Pill Hill Press, 2011)
Debut solo novel- Winner of Best Speculative Fiction in 2012, Maine Writer's and Publisher's Alliance!
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A twist of fate and a slick trade draw a young man into a living nightmare. In the hands of a lovesick siren, his sanity slips from his grasp. He must battle to keep his loved ones and himself safe from her insatiable wrath.

PUDDIN Arcane II (published by Cold Fusion, 2013)
features story "The House That Wept Puddin'"

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A home has taken possession of you and this strange man you met online, via a classified ad. The house controls you. Look out for the flaming wolves and the kittens in the basement. Don't feel hungry, because the house will start weeping at any moment. A tale of madness to the highest degree.

YOWZAH Eulogies 2: Tales From The Cellar (published by Horror World Magazine, 2012)
features story "Chuck"

(coming soon!!!)

A Vietnam vet receives a painting as a gift from a fellow war buddy. He speaks to the photo--that of a Vietnamese farmer he affectionately names Chuck--and one night Chuck starts to talk back. Hope he doesn't escape that painting!
HAIRY Bigfoot Terror Tales, Volume 1 (published by Coscom Entertainment, 2013)
features story "Ronald Reagan Versus Bigfoot"
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The title says it all, pardner. Ol' Ronnie is taking some R&R in the woods of Maine, but his security team is soon hobbled by an approaching beast. Ronnie must go head to head with the notorious Bigfoot.
GUT HER Tales of Terror and Mayhem (published by Evil Jester Press, 2012)
features story "The Sandwich Artist"
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A twisted man kidnaps the woman who makes his sandwich every day. Hold the pickles, darlin'.
GUT HER Frightmares (published by Dark Moon Books, 2011)
features flash story "The Burly Men Of Maine"
(coming soon!)

On a Christmas Eve in Maine, the men wander about the pharmacy, trying to decide wha to buy their wives. Some, it  seems, settle on murder. This is a short-short flash fiction piece.
GUT HER Midnight Movie Creature Feature (published by May December Publications, 2011)
features story "The Fish Boy"
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The Fish Boy stalks a family on their lazy summer vacation. He decides that he would like to substitute in for the little boy in the family, as his own fish-parents were recently killed by fisherman. Chaos ensues. This is my homage to "Creature From The Black Lagoon"
GUT HER Big Book of New Short Horror (published by Pill Hill Press, 2011)
features story "Where The Blocks Are Forever Named"
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A legacy of murder lives on in an ancient castle, filled with secrets. The Mad Mason has constructed his glorious castle from the screams and bodies of the lowly serfs.
GUT HER Halloween Frights Vol. 1 (published by Pill Hill Press, 2011)
features story "The World Is Full Of Horrible People"
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A young boy is not allowed to trick or treat on Halloween. His mother has other plans. Daddy is about to return to home. Finally!

GUT HER Made You Flinch (published by Library of The Living Dead, 2011)
features story "Extraction"
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When a band of Mexican migrant workers get abducted by a band of violent rednecks there will be payback, American style. Regardless of which side of the big fence you are on this political issue, you'll get a bloody chuckle. 
GUT HER Holiday Of The Dead (published by Wild Wolf Publishing, 2011)
features story "Oatmeal Cookies"
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A young boy named Tyler is holed up in his family's apartment during a zombie apocalypse. His family is dead and he consoles himself by talking to his toys. But his grandmother has returned. Who knew that the dead were so domestic?

This collection features one of the writers of Night Of The Living Dead as well as an excerpt from the forthcoming indie horror film Pontypool 2.

GUT HER Superheroes Vs. Zombies (published by Living Dead Press, 2011)
features story "Fate Boy"

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Fate Boy is a disgruntled superhero without much to offer the world, though the people and media adore him. He has no discernible powers, other than the fact that the hand of fate intervenes when needed. Now he must take on a zombie hoard and he really hopes they put him out of his misery!

GUT HER D.O.A. (published by Blood Bound Books, 2011)
features story "Guys"
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This is the story of a group of nameless, grunting men during their "Guy's Weekend". They polish engines and guns, watch porn, and eat steaks. REAL men! Their entertainment is about to arrive.... extreme horror at it's best!

Beak Boy Lives
Fear Of The Dark (published by Horror Bound Publications, 2011)
features story "Beak Boy"
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The Beak Boy is watching you. He knows you. He is part of you. When you sleep, he lives your life for you and he has done terrible things with that life... don't let the Beak Boy win. This anthology features many award winning horror writers from all over. A must-read. I haven't won any awards, so I considerate an honor to be included in this puppy!

wretched moments Wretched Moments (published by Pill Hill Press, 2011)
features story "Grannibal"
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A 100 year old cannibal is feeling the urge once again. She plots and plans for a taste of her favorite nurse. This anthology features a mixture of horror and comedy. That sentence was not horrific, nor comedic.

strange tales of horror Strange Tales of Horror (published by Norgus Press, 2011)
features story "Birthday Boy"
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A young man is on the run from his yearly visitor, a stalking beast. He hopes that this will be the year that it ends, that his Birthday Beast will be no more.

rotting tales Daily Bites of Flesh 2011 (published by Pill Hill Press, 2010)
features story "Uncle Jack's Snake"
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A flash fiction story about a young man who is still terrorized in the night by images of his Uncle Jack bringing his boa constrictor into his bedroom. This anthology features 365 flash fiction (1 page stories) tales, one for every day of your twisted year!

rotting tales Dark Things IV (published by Pill Hill Press, 2010)
features story "The Iron Maiden"
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This is a story based on a real-life invention, a condom that prevents rape by snagging on to the perpetrator's private niblets. This story is not for those who are fearful of their genitalia being harmed.

rotting tales Rotting Tales (published by Pill Hill Press, 2010)
features story "Dead Of The Class"
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A boy returns from summer vacation as a drooling zombie. But the children do not accept him. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so let's all get along like the Pilgrims and Indians! How about it? Bring a casserole. 


Dark Things (published by Pill Hill Press, 2010)
features story "Melmaz For Hire"
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Dale misses his dead wife and his dead dog. In an attempt to return from his emotional grave, he begins a career entertaining as a children's television character named Melmaz. Little does Dale know, Melmaz is old news. The children rebel against Dale with bloody consequences.

Patented DNA (published by Pill Hill Press, 2010)
features story "Snowflake"
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A man discovers that his unique nature is dying. He is no longer the snowflake that his elders had once told him he was. There are clones of him all about; in the pharmacy, on the bus, walking their dogs. To retain his uniqueness in the universe he resorts to murdering himself over and over and over again.

"Patented DNA" revolves around the theme of clones.

Zombie Zoology (published by Severed Press, 2010)
features story "Lucy"
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A Maine hunter purchases a new rifle (affectionately named "Lucy") that he soon finds has unearthly powers. When he pins down his next kill, he discovers that the Moose Is Loose.

"Zombie Zoology" features a theme of zombie animals, as well as an amazing cover. A great stocking stuffer for the children!

Inner Fears (published by Static Movement, 2010)
features stories "Mailbag" and "Lost In The Supermarket"
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Mailbag: a mailman makes his usual delivery to a house with two bitter canines, but today is not his lucky day. They are after his mailbag, and I don't mean the one that he carries his letters in. 

Lost in the Supermarket: a blind man is food shopping and the entire market goes silent. He convinces himself that the Rapture has just occurred and that he has been left behind for his mortal sins. Hope there's not a twist!